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If You Want to Shoot,
Try These Local Options

The following are outdoor ranges or places in the area where shooting is available.  They are listed in the order of their one way distance from Prescott City Hall.

An unsupervised Forest area open to shooting, along Iron Spring Road about 10 miles south of Prescott.  Be careful as you can easiiy be surrounded by other shooters.

No contact information

Two names, one place.  About 20 miles south of Prescott off State Highway 89, north of Wilhoit and SE of SR89 on Forest Service Road 71, between mileposts 297 and 298.  Not open to the public.  Membership required.

Call 928.778.0155 or visit for more information.

Depending on the season of the year, National Forests allow shooting when clear of populated areas and roads.

Stop by the Forest Ranger Station on your way in for a closure map and rules brochure.  Or, visit the U.S. Forest Service and select a state or forest by name.

Different place with a similar name.  About 64 miles south and east of Prescott.  Membership required.

Use their Contact Submission Form to obtain information.

The ranges and places listed above are not all-inclusive.  Indoor facilities are available and mav be viewed at Indoor Area Ranges.

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