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The Question and Answer session before the May Board of Directors Meeting will be limited to 15 minutes due to the large amount of work before the Board.  Thanks for your understanding.

The next Board of Directors Meeting takes place Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM.  Members are welcome to attend, observe and ask questions.

Meeting location, date, time:

Wednesday, May 15, at 6:00 PM

Ask for Room # at the Information Desk
Adult Center of Prescott
1280 East Rosser Street
(approximately 1/2 mile West of State Route 89)

The Prescott Sportsmen's Club, Inc., was subjected to a corporate identity theft and hostile takeover by range employees, unelected directors and unelected officers from September 2018, through December, 2018.

Though ultimately unsuccessful in gaining complete control of the club and its assets, the activity of those individuals and others resulted in closure of the Chino Valley Shooting Facility range by the Town of Chino Valley, and termination of the twenty year range management agreement under which The Prescott Sportsmen's Club developed and operated the range since 2011.

More complete information about the identity theft and takeover attempt is available at

Following the wrongful termination of the Club's agreement to operate the range, the Town of Chino Valley gave the Club's Board of Directors notice to remove all club property within 180 days.  Removal of the club's property is underway.  Unfortunately, the town has been uncooperative in allowing the club convenient access by a sufficiently large group to remove Club property quickly.  So much for the town's assertion of teamwork and service.  No surprise there.

PSC May, 2019 Newsletter Emailed 05-11-19

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